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We strive to bring the right food to the right location, at the right time. Together with our customers, peers and partners, we are taking measures to remedy the looming food supply issues of the coming decades. Concern for the environment and the communities in which we operate is embedded in the way we do business and formalized in our ethics policies.

Yield improvement & smarter distribution

With the volume of available arable land decreasing and crop yields declining, one of the most critical problems the world faces is producing enough food to feed the growing population.

These challenges are magnified in Asia, where populations are growing and urbanizing quickly; similarly in Africa, where the demands of growing urban populations are not being met with an equally fast evolution in agriculture; and in Latin America, where large producing areas are feeling the greatest pressures of increased global demand.

Our investment in building a diverse, global, and integrated portfolio of activities puts us in a strong position to help mitigate these challenges. Our activities connect us to farmers in every region, enhance our origination capabilities, produce economies of scale, enable cross-fertilization of know-how, and provide an integrated view of the agricultural world.

Simultaneously, our global trade of agricultural commodities enables us to meet demand in one region with surpluses from another. We are well-positioned to help communities and nations access the food they need and we are dedicated to fulfilling this role.

Operating responsibly

We are taking proactive steps to reduce our environmental footprint at each of our industrial locations and are ensuring responsible operations, including:

  • Identifying and resolving sustainability-related risks.
  • Working with our platforms to determine existing and forthcoming trends and commitments on sustainability.
  • Sharing best practices and opportunities across regions and platforms.
  • Educating and training employees to ensure global compliance.

We made our commitment to sustainability public by signing the UN Global Compact, and simultaneously launched our Corporate Statement on Sustainability. The Statement presents our definition of our four sustainability “pillars” - People, Environment, Community and Partners.

Building sustainable and responsible business practices into thought processes and behaviors across our business is considered crucial for the good of the planet, but also for our business, as customers set more stringent standards for the sustainable nature of the commodities they buy.

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