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Building on our existing commitments to the RSPO 2013 Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production,  we expanded our policies further in our 2015 Sustainability report, with a specific extension of our environmental principles. Our Palm Sustainability Policy affirms LDC's commitment to:

  • Safeguard all high conservation value (HCV) lands or high carbon stock (HCS) areas.
  • Leave all peat untouched, regardless of depth.
  • Uphold the rights of local communities and / or indigenous people
  • Comply with International Labor Office (ILO) conventions on forced labor and discrimination.
  • Abide by rigorous anti-bribery and corruption standards.

In the same period, LDC became a member of The Forest Trust (TFT), a leading environmental and social not-for-profit organization that works to transform value chains through responsible sourcing.

Our commitments are described in more detail in the LDC Palm Sustainability Policy.

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