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Overview of the group

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is at the heart of the agricultural industry, covering the entire value chain from origination to distribution. We help people around the world meet every day needs for sustenance: getting the right food to the right location, at the right time.

  • LDC is a leading global integrated commodities group.
  • Our worldwide activities include the merchandizing of agricultural products and metals and their production, sourcing, storage, transport, and distribution.
  • We focus predominantly on a single asset class - agricultural commodities - but in a highly diversified manner, covering all of the main categories within this asset class: grains, oilseeds, rice, cotton, coffee, sugar, juices, fertilizers and inputs, and dairy.
  • Our merchandizing activities are supported in key production and consumption centers by strategically located production, processing, and logistic assets.
  • We currently operate over 300 facilities across the world.
  • We source and produce a large range of agricultural products, process and refine products and materials, and store and transport commodities for export or domestic consumption.
  • We merchandize, customize and distribute to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers, including in the food, textile, and fuel processing industries.
  • We provide financing, logistics, and other services to producers and consumers within the commodities markets in which the Group participates.

Leadership positions

Our Group is among the market leaders in many of the areas in which we operate. Our commitment to responsible practices and in-depth market knowledge has led us to be:

  • One of the world’s largest merchandizers of raw cotton by volume.
  • One of the world’s largest sugarcane processors by capacity.
  • A world leader in rice merchandizing.
  • One of the world’s leading orange juice processors by volume.
  • One of the world’s largest merchandizers of oilseeds and their by-products (vegetable oils and meals) by volume.
  • Among the world’s leading merchandizers of wheat, barley and corn by volume.
  • Among the world’s largest merchandizers of green coffee by volume.
  • Among the world’s leading sugar merchandizers by volume.

Competitive strengths

A number of key competitive strengths have contributed to the success of our Group:

Diversity in Product Range

We cover many of the world’s most traded agricultural commodities such as grains, oilseeds, rice, cotton, coffee, fruit juices and dairy, plus we are involved in metals (including copper and zinc concentrates, as well as copper cathodes), the ocean freight market, and emerging financial markets.

Diversity in Geographical Spread

For over 165 years we have pursued a strategy of being as close as possible to the world’s production and consumption regions and now have operations in six global regions: North America, North Latin America, South and West Latin America, North Asia, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Integration of Assets

Integration of our fixed farming and production assets into areas where our core commodities are produced generates synergies and economies of scale across a number of transactions. This includes commodity purchases and sales and their associated financing, as well as storage, transportation, and risk management activities. Integration of assets also helps to protect against supply risk by giving the Group increased control over physical flows in the supply chain.

In-Depth Market Understanding

Our merchandizing operations are supported by dedicated research teams who continually produce real-time, in-depth market intelligence. They apply principles developed and tested over 165 years of experience in the markets, using our extensive database for performance tracking and validation, and enabled by the latest technology. Real-time data analysis allows harvests on the ground to be evaluated by local offices and experts, and results to be processed centrally and directed to our platforms and merchandizing teams worldwide.

Risk Management Capabilities

Risk management is a core function of the LDC management structure. The Chief Compliance Risk Officer is positioned just below the Chief Executive Officer in the Group’s management hierarchy and above all of the regional and functional organizational structures. Risk policies are determined centrally and administered regionally by a team of dedicated specialists. Exposures are monitored on a daily basis. Compliance procedures are continually reviewed and updated to reflect the constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Strong Management

Our management team has a proven track record of developing and growing the business. Since the creation of the Group in its current form in 2006, the current management has overseen:

  • The consolidation and expansion of the Group’s business in the commodities markets in which it had existing operations.
  • Successful expansion into new markets such as palm oil, fertilizers and dairy.
  • Entry into new geographical areas such as Indonesia, Vietnam and several countries in the Middle East and Africa.
Stable Shareholder Structure

Our company has been a family-owned business for over 165 years. This shareholder structure has historically provided stability and is conducive to the Group’s long-term consolidation, development and expansion.

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