In 2015, LDC’s Juice Platform proactively outlined its sustainability efforts in its first dedicated progress update with a focus on Brazil, the base of our agricultural operations for this Platform. Today, our third Juice Sustainability Report presents the progress we have made during the course of last year. It presents our growing commitment to Rainforest Alliance certification, our increased training and involvement with local communities, our ongoing provision of proper and appropriate working conditions and labor practices, as well as our commitment to measuring and reporting on our environmental footprint.

More than doubled our Rainforest Alliance – certified farms

Significant achievements in our safety indexes, and new protective equipment developed for our pickers

LDC achieved Gold Grade in Sustainability Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform’s self⁠-⁠audit

Over 20% of volumes purchased from third party producers that were trained according to our best practice

Introduction of new Code of Conduct toll free line

Expanding range of community programs

Start of the construction of a dry⁠-⁠peel processing plant in Bebedouro

Implementation of technology to optimize the harvest and make it safer

Expansion of activities related to LDC’s Quality Policy


of fuel consumed during production is renewable

+25,853 MT

reused organic waste recycled in 2016 compared to 2015


Looking after the environment across the value chain is one of our top priorities. We carefully monitor the energy, carbon footprint, waste and water usage at our assets.

Minimizing our environmental footprint

Taking significant steps to measure and improve our environmental footprint.

Decreasing industrial water consumption

Executing a concerted awareness program to reduce water usage in industry.

Reducing waste generation

Increasing recycling efforts to proactively minimize waste.

Supporting wildlife conservation

Implementing programs to preserve forest habitats around farms we operate.


students trained on sustainability topics through the "Together for the Environment" project


year LDC became recognized as a "Child-Friendly Company" by the Abrinq Foundation.


Our diverse initiatives, directed at people, the environment, the community and partners, reflect how much we are aware of the extent of our impact. We therefore recognize and embrace our social responsibilities wherever we operate in Brazil.

Environmental education programing

Promoting environmental awareness through farm visits, educational booklets and practical activities.

Extracurricular activity assistance

Providing extracurricular activities for hundreds of students, including tutoring, sport, recreation and the arts.

Non profit organization support

Benefiting children and teenagers through social programs and education.


Supplying fruit and juice for boosting infant nutrition, and encouraging our employees to participate in internal collection drives to help various institutions.


LDC farms certified by Rainforest Alliance


small-scale certified producers who deliver their Fairtrade certified fruits to the LDC Paranavaí Plant


At Louis Dreyfus Company, we have a firm belief that solutions to many of the key questions facing our sector can only be reached collaboratively. By building strong partnerships in all aspects of our work, including sustainability, we increase our effectiveness.

Rainforest Alliance certification

Promoting environmental responsibility to help ensure our sites continually meet the certification standards.

Fairtrade certification

Assessing the small holder farmers against key criteria around labor and environmental standards.

Supplier ethical data exchange auditing

Committing to the continuous improvement of ethical and social responsibility performance through SMETA 4-Pillar Audits.

Additional collaborations and certifications

Establishing vital collaborations with multiple organizations involved in advancing diverse sustainability, quality and industry themes.

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