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Oilseeds Industry Operations Manager
São Paulo, Brazil
“I think that the approach to business, working atmosphere and respect for company values are unique at LDC”

Sebastian started his career in the oil and gas industry as an electronic engineer having worked 16 years on the industry. He then moved to lead the start-up and operation of a soybean crushing plant with integrated biodiesel production, working there for four years before joining LDC as a Plant Manager.

He now leads operations in five LDC factories in Brazil: three soybean crushing plants, two cottonseed crushing plants and two dry corn mills.

According to Sebastian, what inspires him is achieving goals and getting recognition for his work or his team’s work - such as when a member of his team is promoted. He is also inspired by LDC’s ethos, and the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

“I like that the company's values ​​are respected. And I like the dynamism of our business and the constant challenges we face."

Sebastian’s Little-Known Fact:

Sebastian says that his family call him Sebas, his friends call him Argentiano and his boss calls him Gringo!

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