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Head of Agricultural Department LDC for Ghana, Grains & Oilseeds Platform
Tema, Ghana
“LDC allows me to use my skills to contribute to the company’s success from my corner of the world.”

Stephen manages the agricultural commercial activities of LDC’s business in Ghana. His team sells agricultural inputs, such as crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds to the country’s farmers, helping local producers boost their yields while promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

The crop protection and fertilizers markets are very competitive in Ghana, and hugely dependent on weather conditions. One of the main challenges is managing product stocks, so that the right quantity of the right product arrives at the right time. Stephen’s team commercializes 35 different crop protection products, working closely with farmers to support them with techniques to protect their crops from pests, fungi, weeds and disease.

Stephen, who wryly admits to being something of a workaholic, thrives on the great satisfaction of forecasting accurately and selling profitably. He enjoys the autonomy of his role and appreciates the trust placed in him by LDC.

“I like working with people from different countries and backgrounds, in the international organization that is LDC. Despite the company’s size, we interact directly with colleagues and key decision-makers across the region.”

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