LDC: Committed to Zero

March 12, 2019

Standing on a high platform overlooking a bank of storage tanks, Maximiliano Iraola is wearing a helmet with ear defenders, protective glasses and a company shirt with a high visibility band around his midriff and arms.

For the maintenance supervisor from Argentina, this daily uniform reflects his awareness that safety is his top priority.

“Risks are extremely high when working at heights, but with the right measures and procedures, we can avoid injuries,” he says.

With over 17,000 employees and several thousand contractors worldwide, and operations that span the globe, continuous investment in a top quality Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) management system is a key priority at LDC.

Our SHE principles summarize our collective “Commitment to Zero” – a relentless focus to ensure that no harm comes to our people, our communities or the environment, wherever we operate. This is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals related to health & well-being, decent work, responsible consumption & production, and of course environmental protection.

In addition to providing all necessary protective equipment and duty-specific training to ensure the safety of our people, LDC invests in safety enhancements, measures to reduce our environmental footprint and a broad range of sustainability-centric initiatives around the world.

But ultimately, it is our people who make all the difference. Every individual, no matter their role, plays a part in making our vision for a safe and sustainable future a reality.

Vision in action

In practice, this means employees at all levels are responsible for the implementation of SHE policies and procedures, complying with applicable laws, regulations, rules and codes – all day, every day, 365 days a year.

Sergei Abdullayev, an electrician working for LDC in Azov, Russia, says LDC’s focus on safety in the workplace is what he values most in the company.

“When I first started working here, I was pleasantly surprised that such a great deal of attention is given to the safety of operations, the safety of people and people’s health,” he says. “I think, yes, safety is the top priority.”

The result? Accident gravity and frequency have decreased dramatically in recent years, and we invest continually to keep this up – precisely, as Sergei says, because the safety and well-being of our people is a top concern.

“We value each person who works for and with us, employee or contractor, man or woman, asset or office employee, manager or not,” says Ian McIntosh, CEO. “We strongly believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable, and that every individual plays a key part in making that vision a reality”.

Take a moment to watch our video featuring the journeys of Maximiliano, Sergei and several of their colleagues around the world, and discover the commitment to “SHE” that ensures our colleagues travel to work, perform their duties, and return home again to their families, safe and sound.


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