LDC on BBC World News

June 4, 2019

Where does your food really come from?

A brand new BBC World News series exploring this question features LDC’s partnership with bottler Refresco and Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn to make the orange juice supply chain fully transparent to consumers in the Netherlands, using blockchain technology.

Launched in September last year, our initiative is one of several examples in the “Follow the Food” episode of this new series, which focuses on ‘Connecting the consumer to the producer’.

The BBC explores how innovation and new technologies can meet the challenge of the world’s growing food demand. Aired since June 1st, the series shows how major supply chain players – whether farmers, agribusinesses or suppliers – play a leading role in linking food demand and supply, while tackling sustainability issues.

Interviewed as part of this exclusive BBC broadcast, Peter Gruppo, Commercial Director for our Juice Platform in Brazil, and representatives of our partners Refresco and Albert Heijn, outline the various steps of the juice journey. From Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM orange groves managed by LDC in Brazil, to our pressing, shipping and processing operations in Belgium, to bottling by Refesco, and on to Albert Heijn supermarket shelves, Dutch consumers can trace the journey of the juice in their carton by scanning a QR code.

“In addition to highlighting the importance of partnerships and collaboration among the main supply chain actors, the BBC episode demonstrates LDC’s capacity to harness innovation, operational efficiency and sustainable practices, connecting producers, consumers and the environment through greater transparency across the value chain,” concludes Murilo Parada, Head of the Juice Platform and Head, North Latin America Region.

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