Sustainability is central to our business model

We are passionate about creating fair and sustainable value, both for our business and for all value chain stakeholders: our people, our partners, the communities we touch and the environment around us.

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Caring For People

LDC’s approximately 17,000 employees are active in more than 100 countries around the world. It is our priority to ensure their safety, wellbeing and continued development, by promoting a work environment that encourages safe behaviors, respect for diversity and human rights, and equal opportunities to learn and grow.

Working with Partners

Recognizing that we can have a greater impact by working with others, we leverage our position as a leading agricultural merchant and processor to make a positive difference in our value chains, learning from, training and creating change with others through collaboration and partnerships.

Investing in Communities

We invest in the development and resilience of local communities living close to our operations around the world, encouraging our employees to support and volunteer in their communities, wherever they live and work.

Protecting the Environment

We are committed to helping sustain a growing population while respecting our planet’s finite natural resources. To minimize the environmental impact of our activities, we continually monitor the way we operate to identify gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement along the value chain.

Responsible Supply Chain

Our highly committed teams work continually to drive sustainable practices within their respective value chains, leveraging our leading position to promote the adoption of sustainability policies and standards among suppliers.

Sustainability in Ghana

In addition to our strong merchandizing capabilities, product portfolio and reputation for reliability and integrity, our leading position is also connected with our commitment to responsible sourcing, traceable supply chains and sustainable business practices globally.

As part of our global efforts to tackle the challenges of responsible palm oil production, in Ghana we prioritize selling agricultural products to companies certified by the Roundtable on Responsible Palm Oil.

On a local level, we have replaced our head office waste management system with new bio-digester facilities, a more environmentally friendly system whereby microorganisms feed on generated waste.

As part of our commitment to contribute to the resilience of local communities living close to our operations around the world, LDC employees in Ghana regularly organize and take part in activities to support their community. Most recently, our teams supported local primary school JHS School, near Kpone (Accra Greater region), which counts 1700 students. To address the school’s urgent need to improve sanitary facilities, LDC supported the construction of new and additional lavatories.

Our operations in Ghana adhere strictly to the standards set out in our Palm Sustainability Policy and Soy Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

At LDC, we are committed to contributing to the global effort to provide sustenance for a growing global population, working with our partners to create fair and sustainable value across the food chain.

To ensure that we continue to improve, we set sustainability targets across our business and report on our progress regularly, through reports that detail how we have performed.

Our annual sustainability reports also highlight key successes and challenges, and set out LDC’s forward-looking focus to deliver on our commitments to sustainability and transparency.

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