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New Proteins & Ingredients

We invest in the future of food, seeking alternative crops, solutions and technologies to feed a growing population for the long-term

Food Innovation and Sustainability

As the population rises and demographics change, the world needs more food and people are consuming more protein. This puts pressure on finite natural resources and contributes to climate change and related risks, as limited arable land and production yields fail to meet increased demand.

LDC seeks to invest in scalable companies or ventures that look to meet growing food demand safely, sustainably and responsibly, by:

  • Advancing the food system towards sustainable protein production
  • Developing innovative proteins and ingredients, as the building blocks for tomorrow’s food
  • Improving food supply chain safety, traceability, access and efficiency
  • Helping farmers to increase their productivity using technology
  • As part of its focus on innovative start-ups in the food space, LDC is a founding member of the China Food Tech Hub, formed by Bits x Bites in May 2019, and participates in a variety of food tech related initiatives.
Sustainability at LDC
Sustainability at LDC