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LDC in Russia

Grains remain our core business in Russia, where we export between 1.5 and 3 million MT of grains annually on average, alongside smaller scale sugar product distribution operations

Our Operations

LDC originates, stores and distributes grains (wheat, barley and corn) and sugar, both within the country and to various destinations around the world.

Port facilities are an important part of our strategy in Russia, where we are striving to build an integrated value chain and facilitate market access, by effectively bridging the distance between farms and ports.

Our Assets

Our investments in Russia focus on creating economies of scale that give local farmers direct and indirect access to global markets.

Our grain terminal in Azov (Rostov region) and seven inland silos are the backbone of our operations in Russia. Our terminal was completed in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Inaugurated in 2017, our Azov facility is LDC’s first fully-owned grains terminal in Russia, supporting the growth of our grain export activities in the region.

The terminal’s strategic location, infrastructure and storage capacity facilitate access to global markets for local producers, while giving LDC added export options such as grains transshipment on sea-river vessels. The terminal also serves smaller vessels transporting goods to Mediterranean destinations, effectively shortening the distance between origination and destination markets.

As flows from smaller ports account for a significant part of total grain exports from Russia, the facility allows LDC to offer new logistics alternatives to customers, ultimately increasing export capacity in the country.

Our inland elevators are located in the Stavropol, Voronezh and Volgograd regions. Among these, our riverside elevator in Volgograd, allows grain exports along the Volga river and down to the Caspian Sea.