LDC in South Africa

Established in 1924, our office in South Africa has grown into an important grains and oilseeds origination desk, with substantial distribution, merchandizing, import and export activities – in the country and across Southern, Eastern and Western Africa.

Our Activities

In South Africa, LDC is involved in domestic and international merchandizing and distribution of agricultural products such as maize, wheat, palm, soybeans and soybean meal – for import, export and domestic consumption. We are one of the country’s leading exporters of white maize, and source yellow and white maize for both export and local processing. Increasingly, we are importing vegetable oils and exporting soybeans and corn to meet the needs of customers and consumers around the world.

We also work to meet local demand for wheat, mainly from major wheat millers in South Africa, merchandizing both local and imported crops.

Cultivating customer relationships with a focus on product quality and reliable supply has been central to our distribution activity in the country, where we also carry out domestic market research and trade on the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX).

In addition to our strong merchandizing capabilities and growing product portfolio, our leading position in grains and oilseeds is also connected with our commitment to responsible sourcing, traceable supply chains and sustainable business practices globally, to encourage responsible land use and eliminate deforestation and conversion of native vegetation for agricultural purposes.

Committed to Sustainability

In line with our vision for a safe and sustainable future, we work to help feed and clothe a growing global population sustainably.

We are passionate about creating fair and sustainable value, both for our business and for other value chain stakeholders: our people, our business partners, the communities we touch and the environment around us.

We strive to support the welfare of communities connected with our activities around the world, encouraging our employees to volunteer in their communities, wherever they live and work.

To minimize the environmental impact of our activities, we continually strive to identify gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement – in our operations and along our value chains.

Our highly committed teams work continually to ensure responsible practices in everything we do, leveraging our leading position to promote alignment with our sustainability policies and standards in our supply chains.

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