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CFO Fertilizers and Inputs
Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Louis Dreyfus Company is a fast-paced global company, which gives employees plenty of opportunities to gain experience and expertise internationally”

I’m from Argentina, where I graduated as an Accountant, from the University of Morón.
Before I joined Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) in 1998, I had only worked for a small, family-owned company. Working as an Analyst in LDC’s Accounting department brought my understanding of the business to a different level.
LDC is a very dynamic company. There are many opportunities to develop and grow, and to pursue an international career, because of the company’s global presence and the nature of the commodities business. One of LDC’s greatest assets is that all our functions play an important role in achieving the company’s goals. Everyone contributes to the company´s growth.
The commodities industry is in constant change, and to be successful, you need to be flexible and adapt. You have to persevere, and have a high tolerance for frustration.  
I’ve stayed with this company because, throughout more than 15 years, I’ve been given the chance to perform different tasks in different countries. My job has proven to be very challenging most of the time, and I appreciate this very much.
When LDC established itself in Uruguay in 2001, I moved there to work in financial controlling. I stayed for five years before moving back to Argentina, still in the finance area. In 2010, I joined the team in Peru, first as Controller, and later as CFO. I’ve been back in Buenos Aires since 2016, as CFO of the Fertilizers & Inputs Platform. Today, together with my team, which is based all over the region, I am responsible for the functions of accounts receivable, risk, accounts payable, accounting, controlling and taxes for the Platform in South and West Latin America.

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