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Trading Manager, Grains
Gurgaon, India
“I like the dynamic, ever-changing and challenging environment”

Business graduate Akshay joined LDC as an intern in April 2010 and was taken on as an employee in May 2011. He enjoys the lean and relatively flat organization at LDC, which he says promotes a healthy exchange of ideas and a comfortable working atmosphere.

His role as a trader involves the buying, selling and risk management of Indian trade flows, specifically grains and pulses. It is a demanding job, which requires very strong analytical skills to review supply and demand information and correctly ascertain trading opportunities.

But it is this dynamic work environment that most appeals to Akshay.

“It’s not just the fundamentals of supply and demand: geopolitical actions also impact us in a significant way. Every day is a new day and we need to keep ourselves prepared for various challenges.”

Akshay's Little-Known Fact

He once caught someone trying to steal his glass of beer (his one-and-a-half-year-old son!)

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