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Asset Head, Grains & Oilseeds
Timbúes, Argentina
“Every day there is a new challenge to face.”

As Asset Head of one of the most productive crushing plants in Argentina, Matías has a wide and ever-expanding role as he oversees the various teams working at the plant, ports and loading bays, helping to optimize operations for maximum efficiency while putting safety first.

He enjoys the challenge of supervising inter-disciplinary teams and unifying them into a single, high-performing unit, which requires both a broad understanding of the plant’s many different operations and processes, and the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances.

In the 13 years Matías has worked for LDC, he has been a production analyst, electrical supervisor, maintenance manager, operations manager and since 2019, plant manager. The variety of positions he has held informs his decision-making on a daily basis, and his dynamic career path reflects the adaptability that is essential to his current role.

Matías regards his evolution within the company as evidence of LDC’s flexible, employee-centric approach toward career progression:

“LDC is a company that always encourages you to move forward. There are continual opportunities for professional growth.”

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