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Sustainability Manager, Coffee Platform
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
“I appreciate the company’s mindset and culture of collaboration and solidarity to fulfil LDC’s important mission. ”

Since 2019, Beyene works at LDC Ethiopia as Sustainability Manager for the Coffee Platform.

Having grown up in a rural coffee community and studied agriculture and rural development, with extensive experience in the field, Beyene is very familiar with farming community needs and challenges.

His role at LDC allows him to use his knowledge and expertise to support those same communities. Responsible for implementing sustainability projects supporting coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Beyene collects relevant market data for the business, develops training materials for coffee farmers and measures the commercial and social outcomes of LDC’s various sustainability projects.

He enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and prefers to work as a team, rather than alone: “together we can achieve more!” he says.

Beyene also identifies with LDC’s culture of collaboration and solidarity to fulfill a shared mission: to use our know-how and global reach to bring the right product to the right location, at the right time, while keeping everyone safe.

He values LDC’s commitment to growing with local communities, by creating jobs, supporting health and educational projects, and empowering smallholder farming communities to increase their resilience through more sustainable agriculture, in collaboration with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and other partners.

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