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LDC in Mexico

LDC has had a permanent presence in Mexico for over 30 years. We are active in Coffee, Sugar, Cotton, Grains & Oilseeds, and continue pursuing strategic opportunities to consolidate our leadership role in the market.

Our Operations

LDC is a leading player in Mexico’s processing and marketing commodities. We have a solid knowledge of the domestic market and a powerful international marketing network.

  • Grains: We transport, distribute and merchandise grains on domestic and international markets
  • Oilseeds: We originate, process and ship soybean and related products
  • Sugar: We merchandise domestic sugar in global markets
  • Coffee: We originate, process, warehouse and ship all types of coffee to global markets
  • Cotton: We originate, store and ship cotton to global markets

Our Assets

LDC is present throughout the country. We have a commercial office located in Mexico City, and have developed strategic alliances with third-party warehouses in main agricultural areas of the country. We are also present in Mexico’s main ports, which facilitates efficient delivery of our goods to and from destinations around the world.

  • Perote is a dry coffee mill located in Veracruz. It uses state of the art technology to process and deliver products. We have the ability to load in bags or bulk, either by railroad or trucks to the ports.
  • Tapachula is a storage asset strategically located in the south of the country with the capacity to store 20,000 bags of coffee.

Our logistics network in Mexico allows for the effective transportation of goods from suppliers to our processing plant and on to our ports for worldwide distribution. We provide different logistic solutions according to the needs of each producer and processor. Strategic alliances with port elevators and railroad companies help us deliver the goods to the final users under the best conditions.