LDC in Pakistan

LDC began operations in Pakistan in 2015. We are now one of the country’s leading merchants of both rice and cotton, and firmly established merchants of edible oils and soybeans.

Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan’s agriculture sector is a mainstay of the country’s economy, contributing almost  20% percent to GDP and employing more than 40% of the labor force. [source]

Cotton is the country’s most widely cultivated crop and an important raw material for its growing textiles industry, representing 8.5% of GDP. [source] Pakistan is also the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world, with  approximately 1.5 million smallholder farmers in the country depending  on cotton production.

Rice is also a hugely important crop in Pakistan, with millions of famers relying on rice cultivation as their main source of income. The country ranks as the world’s 10th largest producer of rice, producing over 7.5 million tons in 2019. [source ] Approximately two thirds of this rice is exported – mainly to neighboring countries, the Middle East and Africa – and these exports account for around 8% of the world’s total rice trade. [source]

Pakistan is a major importer of both oilseeds and edible oils. Oilseed meal is increasingly important to the country’s domestic poultry and livestock sectors. Palm oil continues to be the major imported edible oil, with annual imports of approximately 3.5 million tons. [source]

Our Strengths in Pakistan

As a global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, we leverage our vast geographic and operational footprint to bring locally grown products to international markets and supply Pakistan with international products.

  • Cotton – LDC has established itself as one of the largest cotton merchants in Pakistan, playing a major role in the domestic cotton supply chain and import flows
  • Rice – We are also one of the largest rice merchants in Pakistan, sourcing a variety of rice qualities locally for export to Africa and Asia
  • Oilseeds – We serve the needs of a diversified customer base across the country, and supply imported and refined palm oil and palm olein to local food processors


We build long-term partnerships with our business partners both up and downstream, complementing their own capabilities and expertise. We operate our business to global standards, securing the trust of local stakeholders.