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LDC in Uruguay

LDC established its presence in Uruguay in 2002. Today we have an extensive network of strategically located assets, both in the agricultural interior and in the main ports, and experienced commercial teams in place throughout the country.

Our Operations

We are a market leader in several commodities in Uruguay, combining our extensive knowledge of local markets with our vast international marketing network.

  • Grains & Oilseeds – we originate soy, wheat, corn and sorghum from all the main agricultural areas. We provide warehousing and logistics solutions for growers and third parties, transport grains and merchandize them on domestic and international markets
  • Seeds – we offer different varieties of seeds, with high quality genetics and proven results for farmers
  • Fertilizers – we directly distribute a variety of fertilizers and crop protection products to Uruguayan farmers, via our sales team and network

Our Assets

In Uruguay, LDC has commercial offices in Paysandú, Río Negro, Nueva Palmira, Durazno and Montevideo, and we have developed strategic alliances with third-party plants in all agricultural areas of the country, to offer a storage capacity of 240,000 tonnes of grains and oilseeds nationwide. We also have storage capacity in Uruguay’s main ports, for more efficient delivery of goods to destinations around the world.

  • Tres Bocas is a storage asset in Río Negro, with capacity for 26,500 tons of grains and oilseeds
  • Paysandú is a storage asset with capacity for 13,000 tons of grains and oilseeds
  • Juanicó is a fertilizers and inputs storage and distribution center, including a warehouse with capacity for 40,000 tons of fertilizer
  • Strategic agreements in Montevideo, Nueva Palmira, Trinidad and Melo, covering the most important agricultural areas.