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India Platform Head, Coffee
Bangalore, India
“Openness makes an employee feel more connected and improves idea generation and creative thinking”

Anuj joined LDC immediately after graduating from business school. Only six years later, he is head of LDC’s Coffee Platform in India, and leading a team of 21 people.

He enjoys broad scope of his position, providing as it does end-to-end visibility of all the Platform’s functions - from procurement to marketing, from quality control to logistics.

It is a challenging role, which requires both strong analytical and decision-making skills and the ability to successfully engage with people - both internal and external.

But Anuj admits to being fascinated by the fast-paced, ever-changing dynamics of the commodities business, and also appreciates the prospects of career advancement that he sees within LDC.

“LDC is ready to give you growth opportunities if you display potential and are willing to take up new challenges.”

Anuj's Little-Known Fact

In his spare time, Anuj is a keen cyclist and gardener.

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