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Junior Agronomist, Coffee Platform
Kampala, Uganda
“LDC matches my ambition and gives me the opportunity to continue growing. ”

Herbert joined LDC’s Coffee Research team in 2020.

Having grown up as part of a farming community in Kamuli district, in the Eastern part of Uganda, Herbert always wanted to find a profession that would keep him close to this community, helping farmers improve their livelihoods, crop yields and quality, and the efficiency of their activities.

At LDC Uganda, he oversees the implementation of various sustainability projects supporting farmers to improve their coffee yields, incomes and food security for the long-term. He is also in charge of conducting crop surveys around coffee growing regions in the country, interacting with farmers and gathering relevant market information and updates for the business.

Herbert appreciates the flat structure at LDC, which means employees can interact easily, no matter their seniority.

He believes his role at LDC gives him the opportunity to grow his experience in the field.

“The dynamic, competitive and demanding environment requires us to be innovative to manage different challenges, and in parallel LDC invests continually in developing our knowledge and skills.”

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