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Country Controller for Uganda, Coffee Platform
Kampala, Uganda
“New challenges motivate me to keep learning and become more creative.”

Having grown up on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, home to some of the world’s best coffee, Kenfer is now working in Uganda - and coffee is still very much part of his world.

Kenfer joined LDC immediately after graduating from The University of Nairobi with qualifications in mathematics, accountancy and information technology. He started working at LDC Kenya on a temporary vacancy as an Assistant Accountant, and in just over five years rose to become Country Controller for the Coffee Platform in Uganda.

Kenfer enjoys the varied nature of his role, where he is involved in crop production from origination and processing to export and product marketing. It’s a dynamic environment that is competitive and demanding, but rarely dull. And Kenfer also appreciates the opportunities and support for career progression that he has found at LDC.

“We constantly face new challenges in a dynamic work environment, but LDC offers a chance to build on one’s skills through educational resources and training for all its employees.”

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