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Asset Optimization Manager, Oilseeds Platform
Wittenberg, Germany
“In spite of Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC’s) global reach, there is a sense of community within the company, which enhances the experience of working here.”

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and Management, and I joined the sector in 2007, drawn to it by the interesting use of different technologies.

In 2009, LDC took over the company where I worked. Takeovers can cause insecurity, but LDC offered me new career opportunities I might not have experienced otherwise.

In my role, I’m responsible for planning and following up on all maintenance activities, as well as developing, implementing and monitoring corporate best practice, at LDC’s Wittenberg asset. This covers functions such as safety, health and the environment (SHE), energy management, and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting.

To work in this area of the business, you must have formal training and technical knowledge in electrical, mechanical, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Additionally, because I’m entrusted with project work, I also have to show leadership and good interpersonal skills.

The product’s lifecycle is what I enjoy most about working in the commodities business and at Wittenberg we experience the whole process first-hand. Rapeseed arrives here from the fields. It is crushed and further processed, before becoming the finished products, which we deliver to our customers, such as refined glycerin and lecithin. These products are used in a multitude of industries, from food production to pharmaceuticals.

It is very satisfying indeed to be part of the process from start to finish.

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