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LDC in Colombia

LDC has had a permanent presence in Colombia since 2007. We are active in the Coffee and Grains & Oilseeds business lines, and continue to invest in strategic assets and facilities, which add value for all our stakeholders.

Our Operations

LDC is one of the main players in the processing and commercialization of agricultural products from Colombia. We have solid knowledge of the national market and a strong international marketing network for both coffee and vegetable oils.

Regarding Coffee, we work closely with coffee growers from the main production areas. With logistics and processing assets in key areas of the country, LDC provides logistics solutions throughout the value chain, to then export the best coffee to various destinations, mainly the US, Europe and Asia.

LDC is also a key player in the commercialization of vegetable oils: we import soybean oil from the region for the local food industry, and we commercialize Colombian palm oil locally and internationally.

Our Assets

As a global player in the commodities business, we are well positioned to strengthen our ability to manage risk. We do this by investing in our own processing plants and logistics infrastructure, and by working in close partnership with producers all over the world.

LDC Colombia relies on a robust and efficient operations network, which facilitates direct access for coffee suppliers in rural locations. This network includes offices, buying stations, warehouses and processing assets in major coffee growing areas.

At the heart of the country’s Coffee Belt, the San Antonio Milling Plant was LDC’s first asset in Colombia. It has a processing capacity of 30,000 bags of 70 kg per month. Today, its productive capacity and facilities make it a local industry landmark.