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Regional Origination Manager, Grains & Oilseeds
Santa Fe, Argentina
“I like the dynamism of the commodities business - knowing every day will be different from the previous one, and that there are always new opportunities to seize.”

Daniel, who comes from a farming background and whose father managed a grain elevator, decided early on that he wanted to work in the agricultural commodities industry, joining LDC just after finishing high school.

24 years and one MBA later, Daniel is still at LDC and now leads a team of nearly 50 people working in logistics, sales and trading.

He describes the three most valuable abilities for his role as proactivity, dynamism and empathy - not only to interact successfully with customers, but also to get the best from his large and diverse team, whose very different members he enjoys supporting to reach both individual targets and common goals.

“I like this company’s ability to continually adapt to the environment, while remaining true to its enduring culture. Like a fine wine, the company only gets better with age - and at LDC, this is thanks to the strong commitment of its people!”

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