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Oilseeds Trader
Karachi, Pakistan
“All senior managers are very approachable and just an instant message away.”

Before starting the Trading role in LDC, Danyal spent 12 years in the world of finance, working as an auditor and senior accountant, chief accountant, and lastly country finance manager. He describes his move to Trading role in LDC as ‘coming out of his comfort zone’ and, after six years with the company, still enjoys the ‘buzz’ of his new career.

According to Danyal, the role of a trader requires a combination of analytical skills and ‘thinking outside the box’. Decision-making is based on the latest Research & Development, but also on experience and judgement, and he describes the satisfaction he takes from making a successful trade as ‘the best feeling’.

As well as the dynamics of trading, which keep him on his toes, Danyal is also drawn to the professional growth opportunities he sees at LDC. He says that managers listen with an open mind when it comes to personal development, and he appreciates the opportunities to progress his career through hard work and achievement.

“LDC doesn’t set out a rigid career path. Those who perform well move forward, which is a huge motivation to deliver.”

Danyal's Little-Known Fact

Known as ‘Dani’ to his friends, Danyal loves cricket and tennis. A huge fan of Rafael Nadal, he describes meeting his idol at a tournament in Abu Dhabi as ‘a dream come true’.

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