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LDC in Germany

LDC established its presence in Germany in 2009, with the acquisition of an integrated rapeseed crushing and biodiesel plant in Wittenberg-Piesteritz, which remains the center of our operations in the country and continues to diversify its activities

Our Operations

Our activity in Germany began as a basic rapeseed crushing operation for rapeseed oil and meal production, with an associated biodiesel production process.

Following significant investments in infrastructure and technology, such as the addition of a lecithin production unit in 2015, our Wittenberg plant now produces a wider range of products.

The plant employs more than 90 people and is a reliable partner to many local businesses, providing feed for the German livestock industry, and with about 75% of rapeseed meal sold regionally.

Built in 2006, the plant stringently adheres to industry best practice and complies with the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

Our Strategy

Our recent activity in Germany exemplifies LDC’s strategy to diversify revenue through value-added products.

Following substantial investment in 2015, LDC’s plant in Wittenberg now produces a variety of products derived from rapeseed, such as rapeseed oil and meal, biodiesel, glycerin and lecithin, for pharmaceutical, food, feed and energy industry customers.

The plant’s specialties include lecithin for food and feed applications, as well as pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, and the facility is a key element in LDC’s global oilseed processing network.

The lecithin produced at the plant attains the highest purity level according to EU specifications, and comes entirely from European non-GMO (genetically modified organism) rapeseed.

Always looking to the future, the plant is investing in further expansion to accommodate a new blending unit for several biodiesel qualities, to meet local market demand.