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LDC in Honduras

LDC has had a permanent presence in Honduras since 2011. We export 97% of the coffee we process, working very closely with business partners and suppliers in all areas of our supply chain.

Our Operations

LDC is a leading player in coffee in Honduras, and one of the top five coffee exporters in the country.

Working closely with suppliers, we originate coffee from more than 25,000 producers, and export it to many destinations – mainly the US, Europe, and Asia.

As a leading coffee merchant with global reach and local expertise, we have become a trusted partner to thousands of Honduran coffee farmers who rely on the crop to make a living.

Our Assets

As a global player in the commodities business, we are well positioned to strengthen our ability to manage risk. We do this by investing in our own processing plants and logistics infrastructure, and by working in close partnership with producers all over the world.

Our coffee processing plant in Villanueva is strategically located in front of the main highway of Honduras, which connects two important cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, with the port of Puerto Cortés, which has access to the Atlantic Ocean.

The plant was recently expanded, as well as equipped with state-of-the-art technology to double its processing capacity to reach nearly 50,000 tons per year, as well as to increase its share in the specialty coffee market, increasingly in demand by our customers throughout the world. With 7,800 metric tons of storage, this modern mill has an automated system to control the coffee process, as well as “Big Bag Stations” that allow the plant to function 100% with the use of big bags, guaranteeing greater agility, traceability and safety in the movement and storage of coffee.