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Natural Citrus Ingredients

As one of the world’s largest citrus processors, we use 100% of the fruit we process to extract high-quality, natural cold pressed citrus oils and essences, as well as folded oils, fractions and terpenes.

LDC is a fully integrated manufacturer, so our clients’ products benefit from full traceability from raw materials to the final product. From farmers to processors, product developers, merchants and distributors, we monitor our products across the supply chain, right to the end customer.

Our team leverages more than 30 years in the citrus business, and a global commitment to sustainable practices, to offer our customers fresh, unique and responsibly produced citrus fruit flavor profiles, through our natural From The Named Fruit (FTNF) ingredients portfolio.
Thanks to our high-tech equipment and expert team, our citrus oils can be concentrated by vacuum distillation, resulting in intensified aromatic properties and powerful flavor and fragrance notes.

These valuable ingredients are commonly used in various applications such as food, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

Our Natural Citrus Flavors & Fragrances Ingredients Portfolio

Oils & Essences

Orange Oil

Orange Oil Phase

Orange Water Phase

Citrus Terpene (D-Limonene)

Lemon Oil

Lime Oil (Tahiti)

Folded Oils & Fractions

Orange Oil 5-fold

Orange Oil 10-fold

Orange Oil 20-fold

Orange Oil Phase 10-fold

EB-Fraction 1% ex Orange

Limonene 98%


Lemon Oil 5-fold

Lime Oil (Tahiti) 5-fold


Orange Terpene

Lemon Terpene

Lime (Tahiti) Terpene

Our Integrated Value Chain


Originate & Produce

Over 25k ha planted with orange and lemon in the main producing regions of the Brazilian citrus belt. Close relationship with farmers, with +30M boxes of orange originated in Brazil.



Processing the finest quality raw materials (orange, lime & lemon) in 3 owned state of the art assets in Brazil, apart from tolling agreements.


Research & Innovate

Relying on our food scientists, laboratory facilities and partnerships to delivery innovative and customized products attending our customers & market demand.


Store & Transport

Efficiently managing movements across the value chain, with 2 vessels and 2 terminals with high-tech and large storage facilities.


Customize & Merchandize

Supplying customized products to a range of customers, from multinationals to local customers and end-consumers.

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