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OUR PEOPLE | NOV 2, 2022

100 Years With LDC in Spain

When our Madrid office opened in 1922, it was largely dedicated to grains marketing throughout Spain and Portugal. Over the last century, it has evolved into an important hub for the Group’s trading, execution and distribution activities, with strong links to all our business lines across the world.

IN THE FIELD | OCT 12, 2022

Forging a better food system, together. 

At LDC, we believe that we can have a greater impact by working with others and sharing wisdom to ensure that no one is left behind.

IN THE FIELD | SEP 29, 2022

The Nose Who Knows

What goes into making an outstanding cup of coffee? Apart from the obvious (high quality beans and hot water), it turns out that behind every cup of LDC coffee lies a wealth of experience, a good deal of science, a host of highly trained taste buds – and a great nose.

IN THE FIELD | SEP 16, 2022

Regenerative Agriculture: A New Trajectory for Indonesian Coffee Farmers

Our local Lead Agronomist, Desmond Simarmata, shares his passion for regenerative agriculture that keeps Indonesian smallholder coffee growers and their communities thriving.  

IN THE FIELD | SEP 5, 2022

LDC in Honduras: First Decade in the Land of Coffee

Ten years ago, a small team from LDC embarked on a journey in the land of coffee.

| JUL 20, 2022

My Life at LDC: Roberto Cambeses

Roberto Cambeses began his LDC career in Argentina in 1976 working in communications, sending and receiving telex messages to LDC offices around the world. In the intervening 46 years, he has seen many changes – not least in communication technology!  


11 Facts on Carbon & Carbon Credits

What can be done to cut down emissions and limit global warming, in…

| JUN 9, 2022

Frog on a Coffee Leaf: Memories of Mexico

LDC’s Global Head of Sustainability for Coffee, traveled to Mexico in May 2022 to meet colleagues and partners after two years of Covid-19 restrictions, strengthening ties, reviewing progress on sustainability-related interventions and discussing plans toward implementation of LDC’s zero-deforestation and native vegetation conversion commitment.

IN THE FIELD | APR 28, 2022

Our Actions Matter: Prioritizing Safety, Health and the Environment, 365 Days a Year

As LDC continues to help nourish the world while working toward a sustainable future, the safety and wellbeing of our people, and our collective commitment to act for the environment, are a top priority.

IN THE FIELD | APR 26, 2022

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders in Food Security and Sustainability

As part of our sustainable business model, LDC believes that supporting and training young talents is key to driving lasting positive change in and beyond our industry.


Setting Food Consumption Trends: What Role for Asia?

At LDC, we recognize the vital role that innovation will play in meeting growing demand for safe, nutritious and sustainable food.

IN THE FIELD | SEP 22, 2021

Vitamin Verve in View?

Orange juice consumption is on the rise, as consumers seek out immunity-boosting products in the context of the ongoing pandemic, which has also increased expectations for safe, responsible supply chains