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LDC in Indonesia

In Indonesia, we produce, originate, process and deliver the raw material inputs that are at the heart of the modern agro-industrial system

Since 1999, we have continued to deliver steady growth in the country, thanks to more than 170 years of experience in the industry and key strategic partnerships with local producers

Celebrating 20 Years in Indonesia

How We Work

As a major agricultural player with a strong global presence, we leverage our diverse and widespread geographical footprint, both to bring Indonesian products to international markets and to supply Indonesia with international products.

  • Oilseeds – we originate, store, process and merchandize palm oil products
  • Coffee – we originate, process, store and merchandize coffee
  • Grains – we merchandize and distribute grains to the domestic market
  • Cotton – we merchandize and distribute raw cotton to the domestic market

We offer tailored supply chain management solutions to enable our suppliers and customers to extract maximum value from their businesses.

We build long-term partnerships with our business partners both up- and downstream, complementing rather than competing with them, and operating our business to global standards secures the trust of local stakeholders.

As a responsible global citizen and company, LDC is committed to sustainable growth in Indonesia, building traceable supply chains, driving sustainable practices in our activities with farmers, customers and peers, and striving to contribute positively to the communities near our operations.

Our Assets

LDC is present throughout Indonesia, with six strategically-located facilities.

  • Lampung Refinery is located in Lampung, Southern Sumatra, and has a processing capacity of 2,000 tons of palm oil per day, for refining and fractionation
  • Lampung Biodiesel Plant is situated beside Lampung Refinery, with annual production capacity of up to 420,000 tons of Palm Methyl Ester (PME) and 50,000 tons of crude glycerin
  • Lampung Robusta Coffee Plant is also located in Lampung. It is equipped with a coffee processing plant and storage warehouse for Robusta coffee beans.
  • Lampung ISAB Bulking Station and Port is located in Panjang, Bandar Lampung, Southern Sumatra. It has a total storage capacity of 104,920 tons across 27 tanks, and 6 lines at an export pump capacity of 350 MT/hour.
  • Balikpapan Refinery is an integrated palm oil refinery complex in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. It comprises a palm oil refinery, bulking terminal and a deep port.