Life as an IT Service Manager at LDC

May 25, 2020

Life as an IT Service Manager at LDC is no picnic – by which we mean that our teams do not just fix computers. That is a common misconception we are hoping to break. On the contrary, IT is a key function at LDC.

As a global organization, LDC has to respond to growing demand and evolving consumer expectations quickly and with agility. Our IT function is central to that ability, and an enabler of our transformation, with our IT Service Managers playing an instrumental part in the development of business intelligence and data analysis capabilities.

So, what do IT Service Managers actually do?

Overseeing the implementation of IT projects and services across LDC’s network, and working closely with IT operations teams around the world, our IT Service Managers play an active role that requires local and global interaction with other LDC colleagues, as well as creative problem solving and innovation.

Michael Bucciero, Jean-Noël Sonier and Carmelo Fiannaca shared with us what they like best in their roles as IT Service Managers.

A Collaborative Approach

For many of our IT Service Managers, the enjoyment lies in collaboration. Michael Bucciero, who is responsible for LDC’s applications portfolio in North America, explains how his perception of this job shifted when he started working at LDC 18 years ago:

“When I joined the Group, I was worried about being stuck behind a desk and in front of an AS400 for the rest of my career. That’s definitely not what’s happened.”

Like many of our IT Service Managers, the success of Mike’s job centers on the relationships he builds with his colleagues, both locally and overseas. Every day offers an opportunity to connect with operational teams worldwide, as he checks in on project advancement, discusses new requirements and brainstorms on new avenues to improve day-to-day operations.

But in the midst of this excitement, there is also time to slow down, says Mike: “I typically grab a couple of different people to take a walk with me every day. Just 20 to 30 minutes to enjoy some fresh air and clear our minds.”

Discovering Innovative Solutions

At LDC, we are constantly investigating and adopting relevant technologies with potential to improve our efficiency and output. It is the IT Service Manager’s role to encourage a culture of research, experimentation and innovation within their teams.

And while sharing knowledge internally is crucial, making the most of the experience and knowledge of our teams, we also look outside the company, monitoring what markets, competitors and vendors are doing. This spirit of creativity, curiosity and innovation keeps us at the cutting-edge of what we do. Jean-Noël Sonier, IT Service Manager for Global Customer Services, explains:

“If you want to join us in IT, you have to keep your mind open: to learn every day, to have fun and to take risks. You need to take ownership of the subjects you’re passionate about and, if you have an idea, not keep it to yourself. If you want to work with us, you need to share, and you need to dare!”

Making An Impact

The work of our IT Service Managers is also instrumental in the pursuit of our business strategy. Carmelo Fiannaca, IT Service Manager in Analytics, Risk and Market Data, explains how his team makes its mark:

“Our objective is to connect the dots between business strategy, trading execution and IT solutions. We stay very close to the business strategy, always seeking ways to support implementation – particularly with analytics and business intelligence solutions, which can really boost trading performance. We are satisfied when we see our IT solutions giving our traders a competitive edge.”

All our teams have the potential to make a direct impact on our business strategy, processes or performance – and by helping to grow the business, they ultimately enable LDC to fulfill its mission to help feed a growing global population.

And that is another big reason why our IT Service Managers love their jobs (and in some cases stick around for 18 years!). At LDC, you have the opportunity to be part of something bigger. Want to learn more about the role of an IT Service Manager at LDC? Watch our latest video series to hear from Mike, Carmelo and Jean-Noël in person, alongside their fellow IT function team members.


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