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COVID-19: LDC Rising to the Challenge

April 17, 2020

To all those who supported our local communities during these difficult times… thank you! 

As the COVID-19 pandemic challenges people, communities and countries around the world, never has LDC’s role been so important in providing essential food, feed and ingredients for customers and consumers worldwide – safely, responsibly and reliably.

“The world depends on the essential food and feed supplies that LDC plays a central role in providing. I am convinced that we are taking the right measures, both to protect our people and to ensure the continuity of our business.” Ian McIntosh, CEO

We are working hard with our employees to ensure their health and safety, and prevent further spread of the virus. We have dedicated cross-functional global, regional and country task forces in place to lead our efforts in the battle against COVID-19. These teams monitor developments, coordinate prevention efforts, communicate with and guide employees at offices and assets, as well as ensure that appropriate tools, equipment and processes are in place to keep employees and operations safe, in a fast- evolving environment. Measures are aligned closely with World Health Organization (WHO) and local government guidance.

Measures include strict global and domestic travel restrictions; remote working, where possible; additional precautions for employees who keep our operations running (safety wear, protective equipment, shift review to reduce staff to the minimum, ample supplies of sanitizers and disinfectants, and enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols).

LDC is also working closely with its customers and suppliers to ensure the right health and safety protocols, as well as to manage business flows smoothly and adapt to any changes in the external environment.

Thanks to all these efforts and to those of governments in keeping transportation routes open, there have been no significant disruptions to the global food supply chain to date.

As part of our purpose to create fair and sustainable value, our colleagues around the world are also engaged in supporting local communities, where COVID-19 has an impact on health services and the most vulnerable. Support is being given to local charities, local health institutions and others through donations for food, medical supplies and home learning equipment.

Our sincere thanks go to all frontline workers in the many professions that are essential to keep our world going, including those who help secure the global food supply, despite the challenges. Thank you.

We continue to monitor the situation carefully and will take all necessary steps to keep our people safe, maintain the global food supply chain and support local communities.


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