Expert Risk Management

We delivered solid returns in 2020, despite challenges arising from Covid-19 and resulting textile mill shutdowns, relying on our risk management expertise to successfully mitigate counterparty and market risk.

Broad Global Reach

We leveraged our global reach in cotton originating countries to capitalize on merchandizing opportunities that arose in the context of US-China trade activities.

Extensive Asset Network

When the global supply chain slowed due to Covid-19, we leveraged our significant warehouse network in the US to hold inventory, thereby offsetting the impacts of contract delays.

Joe Nicosia
Head of Cotton

Training is as key to maintaining and advancing our leading market position as is our diversified origination footprint and global asset network. In 2020, the Platform continued to train employees via online programs in the context of Covid-19, to hone our talent pool and align understanding of our trading activities and operations.

More Cotton Highlights

Our teams captured arbitrage opportunities related to government intervention and programs in the US, China and India.

We successfully restructured LDC’s Australian joint venture with Namoi Cotton, to better align interests and further leverage combined trading, research, processing and marketing strengths.

LDC helped train 5,000 cotton farmers in sustainable agricultural practices in Maharashtra, India, through our joint project with the Better Cotton Initiative and Puneet Enterprises.

Our sustainability project in Maharashtra also aims to encourage greater gender equality, by sharing knowledge about the key role of women and how to engage their active participation in cotton farming.


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