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We are committed to working toward a safe and sustainable future, from farm to fork.

Sustainable agriculture and food production are among the world’s most pressing challenges. Collectively, we must find the best way to feed the world’s rapidly growing population, while respecting our planet’s finite resources and adapting swiftly to climate change.

Our Approach

We recognize the need to monitor and manage sustainability as an integral element of our increasingly diversified portfolio.

To structure our efforts across key areas for our work, we have developed an approach based on four pillars: People, Environment, Partners and Community.

This approach reflects our commitment to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and underpins our growth strategy as a business.

Caring for People

The safety, wellbeing and professional development of all our employees and contractors is LDC’s top priority.

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Protecting the Environment

We are committed to meeting growing demand responsibly, striving to minimize our environmental impact.

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Working with Partners

We collaborate with a range of stakeholders, from local farmers to key customers, to drive sustainable practices across our value chain.

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Investing in Communities

We actively support the local communities that our businesses touch around the world, helping to ensure their wellbeing and development.

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Responsible Supply Chain

Our teams continually seek new ways to make our supply chains increasingly sustainable.

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