Key Themes

Covid-19 Response

As Covid-19 spread across the globe, we set up dedicated global, regional and country task forces charged with keeping our people safe and our operations running.

We reinforced safety and hygiene protocols across our offices and facilities, shielding high-risk employees, protecting frontline workers and moving office employees to ‘remote work mode’.

As a result, and with the support of local authorities around the world, all our key assets operated with only minor interruptions, and we helped keep essential food and feed supply chains moving.

With many employees across LDC working from home, and social distancing measures in place everywhere, we brought training courses and activities online through gamification, forums and digital interactions, to support the continued development of our people despite restrictions on travel and meetings.

In business relationships, true to our customer-centric approach, we shared market intelligence with customers, digitized transactions and processes, and worked closely with partners to meet our commitments despite operational challenges presented by the pandemic.

While Covid-19 presented significant challenges for our usual interaction with farmers and suppliers, continuing to offer them direct support and training remained a priority for LDC in 2020. Observing local safety and hygiene measures, and using innovative remote training alternatives, we ensured that the important work to support farming communities, working with customers, peers, local experts and partners such as the Louis Dreyfus Foundation, continued across our regions.

Covid-19 also threw a spotlight on the issues facing some 300,000 seafarers stranded at sea due to crew-change restrictions. In response, we joined forces with other maritime industry leaders, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the Institute for Human Rights and Business, to set up a project to deliver on seafarers’ rights.

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