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Kowalski's Executive Director
Buenos Aires, Argentina
“You get to work in a fast-paced environment with high-quality professionals who are always open to help, share and discuss to try to solve any problem that may arise”

In 2014, LDC acquired Kowalski, the largest dry corn milling company in Brazil, and Maximo is in charge of the overall management of the business.

In his 11 years at LDC, Maximo has worked in South Latin America, North Latin America and Singapore. And his business portfolio has been equally far-reaching - from Business Development to the Feed business, then to Fertilizers & Inputs and now on to New Proteins & Ingredients.

Prior to joining LDC, Máximo worked several years in commercial and leadership roles in leading technology companies such as IBM and Lucent Technologies. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

His current role at Kowalski is very dynamic, as his activities cover all the different functions and segments of the business, and Maximo enjoys interacting with people from all parts of the company.

“It’s an entrepreneurial culture. It empowers you to act and drive change.”

Maximo’s Little-Known Fact

Maximo used to work as a ski instructor in Argentina.

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