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Utility Operator, Grains & Oilseeds
Mombasa, Kenya
“I like the flexibility in the workplace”

Julius works at LDC’s Grains & Oilseeds facility in Mombasa, maintaining its mechanical equipment. From looking after the main boiler to servicing the plant’s compressors, if there’s a machine with moving parts that needs attention, then Julius is all over it.

Julius has always been fascinated with mechanical engineering, and since leaving school has worked in the maintenance department of several different companies. Fifteen years ago, he decided to join LDC and is looking forward to 15 more. Julius sees his future with the Group - hopefully as a manager.

One reason for this is that he likes how LDC looks after its people; by ensuring that employees have the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and by providing regular safety, health and environment training. Julius also values the availability of support for career progression and the approachability of senior management.

“I really appreciate having the opportunity to work closely and cooperatively with senior managers.”

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