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Preparation and Extraction Superintendent, Grains & Oilseeds
Claypool, Indiana, US
“I enjoy working with my co-workers as well as the challenge that each day presents”

Tyler’s grandfather was a dairy farmer in Missouri and his father and uncle have continued to farm his grandparent’s farm. Tyler himself has always gravitated towards science, and has a degree in chemical engineering. He joined LDC immediately after graduating, and has been with the company for seven years.

One of the aspects of working for LDC that appeals to Tyler is that his role allows him to leverage his love of science to add value to agriculture, giving him a unique opportunity to use his skill set to improve the industry that has supported his family for generations.

Tyler also enjoys the fact that each day presents him with new challenges, as he works with his team to solve problems and convert data analysis into concrete action. And he is also aware of the wider opportunities that LDC provides for professional growth:

“I have friends who work for competitors of LDC, and I have been presented with many more opportunities than they have to advance my career. The ability to work with so many great people allows you to understand all aspects of the business.”

Tyler's Little-Known Fact

Tyler is a huge baseball fan, and has set himself the challenge of attending a game in every major league stadium in the US

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