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We manage more than 260 assets worldwide and rely on the expertise of our managers and employees in our facilities to help us deliver the right product to the right location at the right time.

About Industry

Our assets are located at strategic points all over the world and cover a significant range of industrial activities, from farming to packaging, as well as logistics and various processing activities.

These assets play an essential role in LDC’s worldwide operations that span the entire food, feed, fibre and ingredients value chain, supporting our vision of helping to build a sustainable future for a growing global population.

Over 9,000 employees, operators and managers work in our facilities across the world. They are involved in everything from growing oranges to crushing sugarcane, refining oilseed to handling grain in ports, and from grinding coffee to manufacturing biofuels.

Is This the Career for You?

  • You have an in-depth expertise of the processing or logistic function you work in
  • You appreciate the interconnection between your part of the value chain and the work of our commodities traders
  • You are able to direct others and motivate a workforce in the achievement of operational and financial objectives
  • You bring a strong production and maintenance management background
  • You are effective at managing risk factors that can impact business

Areas of Opportunity

  • Production: specializing in the processing of a commodity, from soybean to orange juice
  • Maintenance: improving the reliability of our facilities
  • Quality & Food Safety: meeting the highest standards in our activities
  • Safety, Health and Environment: ensuring a safe and sustainable workplace
  • Project Management: leading the change, from greenfield to asset improvement projects
  • Logistics: optimizing the flows in our warehouses and ports
Alina is part of the Grains & Oilseeds team
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