LDC in Australia

As one of the world’s leading exporters of both grains and cotton, Australia is a key market for LDC, where we have recently expanded our operations to include oilseeds imports

About Australia

With its considerable expanses of arable land, Australia has become a leading world exporter of grains, predominantly wheat and barley, with global grains markets dominated by Australian exports.

As such, the grains & oilseeds industry is a substantial contributor to Australia’s economy, in which wheat is the most important individual crop by value, representing almost half of the total production value of the country’s grains industry.

Australia is also one of the world’s largest exporters of raw cotton, with more than 90% of production exported, mainly to Asian spinning mill customers. China, Indonesia and Thailand are the main buyers, followed by South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan and Italy.

Our Operations

  • Cotton – we originate, gin, store and ship cotton and cottonseed to global markets.
  • Grains – we originate and trade wheat, sorghum, barley and pulses, both locally and for export markets, supported by multiple grain storage and handling facilities in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Oilseeds – we supply high-quality protein meal and by-products to domestic customers in the poultry, meat, dairy and aquaculture sectors, via warehouses on the east coast and in South Australia.

Our Assets

LDC has invested in significant infrastructure to support its Australian operations in grains and cotton.

Grain growers in New South Wales can deliver to our facility at Moree, which is a key part of LDC’s integrated supply chain for export markets.

From our office in Brisbane, our Cotton team manages the origination of raw cotton and cottonseed direct from farmers, subsequently processed at LDC’s three large-scale ginning facilities in Emerald, Dalby and Moree.