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Developing Food Innovation

October 3, 2017

As our industry continues to evolve, addressing new trends and customer preferences, companies like LDC must also evolve with it. Our Group was established at a time when the world was on the cusp of one of the most significant food revolutions ever experienced by mankind. And today, advances in technology and new market developments mean we might soon be faced with another revolution.

We cannot afford to treat innovation as just another trend. We must embrace it as a vehicle for our future growth.

Our current business landscape is dominated by the aggressive adoption of new technologies in the agricultural sector, as well as by the intense scrutiny of new foods, and the ways in which they are produced, marketed, and consumed.

From “bleeding” veggie burgers and “clean” meat to mushroom-based coffee alternatives, the number of new products in the market is rising. These new products attempt to address consumers’ main concerns, such as the need for healthier options, and products which might help curb the effects of climate change and provide new alternatives to sustain rapidly growing populations.

As a company, we are determined to invest in the proactive investigation of new products, the exploration of innovative supply chain solutions, and discussion of potential partnerships. 

In light of this, we have recently launched a new area that will be in charge of all the Food Innovation projects. 

As part of this initiative, LDC will assess business opportunities, including market analysis, and how new products or partners could be incorporated into our portfolio.

To allow for a seamless integration with our current strategy and business structure, the project will operate in close coordination with all our existing platforms.

Its main aim will be to define which innovations or products should take priority, to focus on appropriate markets for future developments, and, finally, to identify and foster suitable partnerships and alliances.

Through innovation and investments in technology agribusinesses will be much better equipped to meet the food demand of a rapidly growing population in a sustainable manner.

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