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Louis Dreyfus Company Extends Partnership to Support Indonesian Coffee Farmers

Louis Dreyfus Company Extends Partnership to Support Indonesian Coffee Farmers
Published: Sep 30, 2021

Lampung, Indonesia, September 30, 2021 – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has agreed to extend its partnership with Sustainable Coffee Platform Indonesia (SCOPI) and the Government of West Lampung Regency for one year to continue promoting sustainable coffee cultivation practices in the area. This follows an MoU signed in January 2021 to support the development of a sustainable coffee production in the area. The extension coincides with International Coffee Day on October 1, celebrated around the world since 2015.

Recognizing West Lampung Regency’s important role as one of the region’s largest coffee producing areas, LDC is committed to working with its partners to ensure the local coffee industry grows sustainably, promoting both local farmer community welfare and nature conservation. As part of the initiative, the partners hosted a workshop on September 30 to identify challenges and areas for collaboration to address these, through actions including the introduction of improved Robusta varieties, training, and promotion of good practices through the development of a guidebook for farmers, and others.

“Our partnership with SCOPI and the West Lampung Regency Government demonstrates how a collective approach combining the efforts of multiple value chain stakeholders can move the needle towards a more sustainable future,” said Rubens Marques, LDC’s Indonesia CEO.“LDC strongly believes that direct engagement with farmers, through collaborative efforts with coffee research experts, NGOs and the private sector, is the key to accelerate sustainable development. We are convinced that this partnership will pave the way for the long-term resilience of Lampung’s coffee growers, our partners in the field, and a sustainable future for one of the region’s key products.”

“The objective of this workshop was to emphasize rejuvenation and rehabilitation, ensuring the resilience of coffee production in West Lampung Regency and Lampung. We believe that working with like-minded companies such as LDC is key to efficiently support the livelihood of farmers in the long-term,” said Richard Atmadja, Head of SCOPI Commitee.

“Coffee trees and farmers are one of West Lampung Regency’s greatest assets, and we are committed to promoting and protecting their welfare for future generations,” said Nata Djudin Amran, Head of Agriculture Office from West Lampung.“West Lampung Regency and its coffee farmers are excited about this collaboration and workshop with LDC and SCOPI, to learn from best practices and find solutions to sustain farmer livelihoods and protect coffee plantations.”

Since the start of its coffee sustainability projects in Lampung, some of them in partnership with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation, LDC has planted over 400,000 trees of native fruit and vegetable trees, and trained over 10,000 farmers across Indonesia’s West Lampung, North Lampung and Tanggamus regions.

More details about LDC’s most recent coffee sustainability efforts are available in the company’s latest global Sustainability Report.

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