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Corporate Responsibility in Commodity Trading

January 30, 2018

Corporate responsibility in commodity trading – Global Trade Review interviewed Guy Hogge, Global Head of Sustainability at LDC and industry peers, focusing on sustainability in commodity supply chains and on how companies use their power to facilitate positive social change.

“We see it as essential that we are involved in setting the landscape and driving the sustainability agenda, given our profile and our prevalence in most of the markets in which we operate,” Guy said when asked whether a sustainable supply chain has become a competitive advantage. “And we are perfectly open to them (our peers) coming along with us in this process.”

Guy and counterparts from other trading houses also discussed the challenges of traceability for the different commodities, the ways in which customers and consumers increasingly demand sustainability, as well as the need for more transparency and openness.

“Putting more and more information into the public domain and responding positively will be key. This communication is moving from a marketing tool to effectively a license to operate. The people who ignore it or don’t pay enough attention will either form a different tier or disappear,” Guy said.

Read the full article at GTR Review.


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