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Country Manager and Head of Cotton Trading
Karachi, Pakistan
“The idea of cross-function, cross-platform and cross-region mobility is what I most like about LDC”

Bilal was first employed by LDC Dubai in 2011. In 2015, he was relocated to his country of birth to start up the LDC office in Pakistan. Educated as a Chartered Accountant, Bilal enjoys exercising the flexibility, open-mindedness and communication skills his job at LDC demands.

His varied role combines responsibility for trading domestic cotton and marketing cotton imports in Pakistan, with providing support to other business lines operating in the region and spearheading LDC investment ambitions in the country.

For Bilal, variety is the spice of working life. He says that he enjoys the fact that every day is a different day, and that there are so many variables affecting the business that require him to be ‘switched on’. And the flexibility that LDC offers generally also appeals to him.

“The fact that a controller can become a trader and a trader can become a researcher - plus a similarly encouraging cross-border mobility policy - is really attractive about LDC.”

Bilal’s Little-Known Fact

Bilal drinks less water - and more tea - than anyone else he knows

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