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Executive Manager, New Protein & Ingredients
São Paulo, Brazil
“LDC, to me, is like fertile land, where I can plant my projects, where I can plant my ideas, and I can reap the fruit later. It allows me to develop my ideas, and it has also allowed me to develop as a person.”

Daniel started at LDC in the tax area, largely because he had a degree in law. After working in Tax for a year and a half he went to Oilseeds for 7 year, before joining the New Protein & Ingredients area.

He currently manages the New Protein & Ingredients commercial operations, these commercial operations implicate the sales of corn based products sales to B2B, B2C, Animal Nutrition clients and the Pet Food sales.

He also takes care of the commercial support area, so in effect has a double role - managing the people who make the sales, and managing the people who provide support for sales.

“The company demands that we dive into the details, be very specific. I think this is the secret for this role or for any other role in the company.”

Daniel’s Little-Known Fact:

When Daniel was 7/8 years old he was part of a baseball team that won the Brazilian Championship twice. But he claims to have never left the bench!

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