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Regional Head of Cotton for North Latin America
São Paulo, Brazil
“This business provides many opportunities to understand extensive worldwide operations and network. It empowers you to find answers and make a difference through your own ideas.”

I started my career in the commodities industry in 1999 as a trainee on the cotton trading desk of a large agri-commodities business. I joined Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) in 2006 after developing my career through trading and industrial roles, which gave me a valuable understanding of our customers’ needs. I also learned what it takes to create a strong commercial relationship.

This is a very dynamic business and that brings challenges. To be successful you need to be a committed team player, and open to new ideas and creative problem solving. An ability to step back and see the bigger picture is essential too. On top of that, you need the leadership skills to keep your team motivated, constantly encouraging them to reach their full potential.

What I appreciate about working at LDC is the ease with which you can access your colleagues, regardless of their region or position. I really feel part of a global team, working towards the same goal.

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