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LDC in Paraguay

LDC’s strong commitment to growing with Paraguay and its people is reflected in our long-term investments over the last 15 years

Our Operations

In Paraguay, we produce, originate, process, merchandize and deliver oilseeds, grains, seeds, fertilizers and agricultural inputs, working across the value chain.

  • Oilseeds – we purchase soybeans directly from our extensive network of producers and cooperatives, and deliver the beans either to ports for export, or to crushing facilities for processing into soybean meal and oils.
  • Grains – we originate corn and wheat from all the main agricultural areas, provide warehousing and logistics solutions for producers and third parties, and merchandize grains on domestic and international markets.
  • Seeds – we offer different varieties of seeds, with proven results for our farmer customers
  • Fertilizers & Inputs – we distribute a variety of fertilizers and crop protection products to Paraguayan farmers via our commercial network.

Our Assets

LDC is present throughout Paraguay, with commercial offices in Nueva Esperanza, Canindeyú to cover the north region, and in Santa Rita, Alto Paraná to serve the south, as well as a network of processing and logistics facilities.

  • C.A.I.A.S.A. (Complejo Agroindustrial Angostura S.A.) – this joint venture is the biggest and among the most modern crushing plants in Paraguay, with annual oilseeds processing capacity of 1.5 million metric tons
  • MERCO (Mercantil Comercial S.A.) – our crushing plant in Caaguazú has capacity to process over 180,000 metric tons of oilseeds annually
  • Curuguaty – our elevator in Canindeyú has storage capacity for 13,000 metric tons of grains and oilseeds
  • Tuna – our elevator in Caazapá has storage capacity for 13,000 metric tons of grains and oilseeds
  • Pozuelo – our elevator in Puerto Adela, Salto del Guayra has storage capacity for 62,000 metric tons of grains and oilseeds

LDC’s subsidiary transport company, Lógico Paraguay, offers the services of an extremely efficient fleet, to transport goods via the country’s river systems and ports. With four tugboats and 80 barges, the fleet has a total static capacity of 132,000 metric tons and the ability to transport 1.3 million metric tons annually.