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Edible Oils

It is probably no surprise that some margarines contain edible oil. But what about pastry, icing or chocolate? In fact, edible oil products are found in a remarkable range of everyday food and beverage products.

We extract corn oil from maize, and process and merchandize the full range of oilseeds – including sunflower seeds, rapeseed and canola – but palm and soy are our principal sources of edible oils.

Processed soybeans, both liquid and partially hydrogenated, are a vital ingredient in a variety of cooking oils, salad dressings and processed foods. Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, used in a multitude of edible products.

Worldwide vegetable oil production 2019/20 exceeded 200 million metric tons

Committed to Sustainability

In addition to our strong merchandizing capabilities, growing product portfolio and reputation for reliability and integrity, our leading position in grains and oilseeds is also connected with our commitment to responsible sourcing, traceable supply chains and sustainable business practices globally. Increasing traceability in our palm and soy operations is also central to our sustainability efforts, to encourage responsible land use and non-conversion of native vegetation for soy and palm cultivation.

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