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Head of Industry, North America
Kansas City, US
“LDC rewards performance and lives up to its promises”

The word meteoric is often overused, but it seems apt to describe Todd’s career progression since he joined LDC in 2010.

Todd started as assistant plant manager at our canola crushing plant in Yorkton, Canada. After becoming plant manager in 2011 and helping to bring success to the business - alongside his team members - he was assigned the role of continuous improvement manager for North America. Within three months he had become industrial manager for all our US grains and oilseeds processing plants, and in April 2018 he assumed the interim role of head of industry for North America.

Not many people were surprised when this interim position was made permanent, in December 2018.

By his own admission, Todd is competitive. And hard-working. His first job was as a paperboy, aged nine, and he worked his way through college as a bartender and doorman. He enjoys the cut and thrust of business, and values the fact that his performance level has a direct bearing on how he is regarded and rewarded at LDC.

But he also values the fact that his work has given him opportunities to broaden his horizons:

“I’ve traveled to Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Spain and China - and worked with people from many different cultural backgrounds. This exposure to other countries and cultures has been a great experience for me.”

Todd's Little-Known Fact

He was the first chair trumpet player in his senior year of high school and also played trumpet in college

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